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  • Introduction
  • Article Processing Charges
  • Article Submission Charges
  • Text changes after layout
  • Invoicing
  • Subsidy opportunities
  • Funding body agreements
  • Waiver of APC & ASC
  • Publication fee policy


Vision and principles
JCMSA does not charge article processing charges or page fees and is committed to fostering the principles of open access publishing to promote the widespread dissemination of scholarly knowledge and research findings. Our vision is to operate as a diamond open access journal where authors are not charged publication fees. This commitment aligns with our dedication to equitable access to knowledge and ensuring financial barriers do not hinder exchanging ideas and discoveries.

Dedication to equitable access
JCMSA remains unwavering in its dedication to equitable access to knowledge and scholarly research. The journal's editorial and ownership team will continuously explore opportunities to secure sustainable funding while upholding the core principle of not charging authors publication fees.



Article Processing Charges

JCMSA does not charge APCs – otherwise known as page or publication fees or publication charges.

Sustainability and limitations
While the aim is always to maintain a "no publication fee" policy, there might be instances where the available funding is limited. In such cases, the journal will prioritise covering publication costs without charging authors. However, alternative funding sources must be explored if the available funds become insufficient to maintain this commitment.

Financial support from authors
If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the available funding sources are exhausted and the journal faces financial limitations, authors may be contacted to provide financial support to cover the publication costs of their articles. It is important to note that any such requests will be made with the utmost consideration for the authors' circumstances and access to publication fee funding.

Transparent communication
JCMSA is committed to transparency and will communicate openly with authors regarding the funding situation and any potential need for financial support. Authors will be informed of the journal's funding status at the time of article acceptance, and any requests for financial support will be clearly outlined, along with the rationale and details of the costs involved.



Article Submission Charges

JCMSA does not charge any fees to authors on submission of manuscripts. JCMSA also does not charge authors fees for peer review.



Text changes after layout

Authors will be given the opportunity to revise and approve the text of the accepted manuscript in the final phase of copy-editing. After author approval the manuscript will go to design layout. The author will be asked to proofread the final galleys before going to publishing. Proofreading is intended to correct typesetting mistakes and not to introduce new changes to the text; such changes will require new layout of the pages. If new changes are introduced at this final proofreading stage, the publisher will charge Galley Change Fees (GCF) to the author, based on the cost incurred to make such changes. The GCF per hour is ZAR450.00 [excluding VAT].



If any fees are applicable to an article, only one invoice shall be issued per article (no splitting of invoices) in order to expedite publication and keep costs to a minimum. All amounts are due within 7 days from invoicing. Payment can be made by Credit Card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The article will only be published once full payment has been received. If payment is done by EFT from a non-South African bank account, the author will be responsible for any bank transfer charges at the time of the transaction. Learn how to make a payment.



Subsidy opportunities

APC fees for open access journals have become an increasingly accepted method to defray the costs for publication. JCMSA is committed to defraying these costs with its “no publication fee” policy.



Funding body agreements

Funding framework
JCMSA operates under a funding framework to sustain a "no publication fee" policy for authors. The owners of JCMSA will actively seek financial support from various sources, including individuals, organisations, commercial companies, and higher education institutions, to cover the publication costs of all accepted articles.

Start-up phase and funding negotiations
During the start-up phase, AOSIS, the publisher of JCMSA, will be responsible for covering the publication costs of ten articles per year. The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa will engage with interested and supportive parties to secure funding and build a strong foundation for the journal's future sustainability.



Waiver of APC & ASC

The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa has established an APC Waiver Fund to assist authors not supported by their institutions to pay APCs. The South African government awards universities subsidy for a scientific paper published in an accredited peer-reviewed journal. Until the JCMSA is accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training, APCs will be covered by the APC Waiver Fund. Once the JCMSA is accredited, authors from institutions that do not receive publication subsidies will be supported by the APC Waiver Fund. We invite you to contribute to the CMSA’s APC Waiver Fund to ensure that the ability to pay APCs is never a barrier to sharing research.


The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (APC Waiver Fund)
Bank: First National Bank (“FNB”)
Account Type: Enterprise Business Account
Account Number: 50171814351
Branch Name: Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700
Branch Code/IBAN: 201509
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ



Publication fee policy

The journal adheres to its publication fee policy, which is outlined above.